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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Baker Drivetrain

Baker OD6 - Still the Best?

Still widely regarded as the best overdrive 6-speed built to this day, it is fair to say that the original Baker Drivetrain 6-speed design revolutionized the American V-twin industry.
Built to comfortably handle the power from today's big-inch engines, this transmission is rated for engines putting out up to 165ft/lbs of continuous use. It is available as a complete transmission with a wide variety of case options and configurations, or as a builder's kit for stock case applications, which requires little to no modification. 

The Baker OD6 is available with many optional gear ratios to match engine torque and riding style, has a billet 6061-T6 bearing door, 1/8" thick bearing retainer plate, Redundant Neutral smooth shift system, hard chrome plated shift forks, and diamond cut gearset made out of 8620 steel.
Stronger than stock, lower rpms mean smoother highway speeds and improved fuel efficiency. It comes with all necessary transmission seals, gaskets and hardware and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Selected Big Twin applications 1987 through 2006.
Also seen here, the Baker high-torque bearing kit is a performance upgrade for 1985 - 2007 Big Twins. The stock inner bearing race becomes useless when you have over 100+ hp because the strength of the engine will cause the race to walk. 

Used on Big Twins since 1985, the inner primary bearing rides on this race. By design, this race press-fits onto the transmission mainshaft. This system works fine for stock engines, but in 100 hp+ applications, if it walks inboard, it will damage the maindrive gear seal and cause a transmission oil leak; if it walks outboard, it will cause a primary oil leak.
The Baker high-torque bearing kit eliminates lateral walking of the mainshaft race and oil leaks and eases serviceability. The kit includes a precision-honed bearing and seal.