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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Metalsport Wheels

Foose Design, Metalsport Wheels Renew Multi-Year Agreement

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of a multi-year agreement with Foose Design, Metalsport Wheels has announced that it has renewed the longstanding exclusive agreement with Foose Design.

Foose Design has worked closely with Metalsport Wheels over the past years to develop the 'Signature Series' line. Chip Foose has created more than a dozen wheel designs for this line, including his latest designs, 'Bel Air' and 'Vortex'.
Chip Foose is the creative head and driving force behind the respected automotive and product development company Foose Design. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, it specializes in illustration, graphics, model making, surfacing and complete construction of automobiles and automobile-related products.

From left to right, Chip Foose, Ron Loynds and Lynne Foose

Founded in 1998, Foose Design products and creative services are available to individuals, TV and film companies and automotive manufacturers.

 'Bel Air' (left) and 'Vortex' are the latest additions to Metalsport's popular Chip Foose 'Signature Series' wheel program

Ron Loynds, owner of Metalsport Wheels, stated: "I would personally like to thank Chip and Lynne for the confidence and trust given to Metalsport and allowing us into the Foose Design family along with the friendship that has evolved from our business relationahip."
Metalsport offers a full line of 3D, 2D and now Hybrid finished wheels featuring over 25 designs. It lays claim to having the largest selection of wheel sizes in the USA, with sizes starting from the 16" wheel to the monster 34" wheel. All Metalsport wheels come with options to add matching rotors, pulleys, sprockets.