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Wednesday 22 May 2019


V-Factor Stock Replacement and Big Bore Cylinder Options 1941 - 2003
These stock replacement and Big Bore cast iron cylinders by V-Factor offer dealers, performance engineers and custom bike builders v-twin engine options for most Harley platforms, from Knucklehead, Panhead and Shovelhead, to Big Twin Evo and XL.
1941-1947 Knucklehead 3 7/16" 1200 cc/74 ci stock replacements (Knucklehead front seen here)
For all Panhead years, they are designed for inside or outside top end oiling (rear seen here)
3 1/2" 1340 cc/80 ci OE style replacement for all Shovelhead years (front seen here)

For 1941 through 1947 Knuckleheads front and rear OE style replacements are available in 3 7/16" 1200 cc/74 ci stock size, painted black.
For all Panhead years they are designed for inside or outside top end oiling.
They are available as stock replacement, standard bore size for all Shovelhead years (3 7/16" 1200 cc/74 ci and 3 1/2" 1340cc/80 ci), and as 3.625"/3 5/8" Big Bore in standard length or .200" taller for stroked engines for Shovelheads 1966-1984. 

Big Twin Evo applications 1984-1999 in Natural (Cast) or Wrinkle Black

For Evo Big Twins and Sportsters V-Factor cylinders include stud inserts for head alignment in cast (Natural) or Wrinkle Black for Big Twin from 1984-1999 and Cast (Natural) for 1200 cc Exo Sportsters from 1988-2003.