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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Ultima Motor Works

Ultima EVO Style 'Competition Series' and EPA Complete Engines

Ultima Motor Works' EVO style engines - El Bruto Competition Series - are available in displacements of 100 to 140 c.i. with a choice of finishes such as Diamond Cut, polished, wrinkle black and 'Blackout Editions' for a "truly beauty meets the beast" solution "to give those Evo models many more miles."


"The Ultima engine family shows up in world class custom bike competitions (including the AMD World Championship series) and has been rigorously campaigned in 6,000 lb sled pulls by Iron Horse Racing and in Drag Racing by Chariots of Fire.

"Emphasizing longevity, Ultima El Bruto engines combine high quality components with affordable prices, giving you the best value available.  Our proven combinations deliver more horsepower, and due to our exclusive balancing methods, we feel they are the smoothest engines on the market today."

All castings are made from C356 aluminum and the engine components are machined on state-of- the-art CNC equipment for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. 
Measured at the crankshaft, the El Bruto 107 cubic incher has a rated output of 115 hp with 120 ft lb torque with 120 hp/120 ft lb torque for the 113". The 120" is said to deliver 130 hp with 135 ft lb torque, with the 127" developing 140 hp and 140 ft lb torque. At the top of the line, the 140" scores 165 hp with 170 ft lb torque.

Diamond cut

Ultima also has a series of EVO style 'specials' available, with its "Competition Series 100" engines tuned for stock replacement with a milder cam and lower compression. "They start very easily, making for less wear on the starter and battery. The milder cam makes for an extremely quiet engine. And the biggest feature? They will come with a 2-year warranty."
Ultima's 49-state EPA certified engines and C.A.R.B. compliant engines are offered in three popular displacements: 113, 120 and 127 c.i. and are also available for EFI. These motors are the same specs as their normal 'Competition Series' engines, "but now with the capability to use Delphi style EFI set-ups."