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Tuesday 7 May 2019


Bluetooth Battery Trackers

New from Californian specialist Antigravity, the Battery Tracker is a Bluetooth monitoring system for vehicle batteries. Simple to install, it allows the rider to track the battery's voltage, health and status, and notifies if battery is going dead.

Available for lithium and lead/acid batteries, Battery Tracker allows riders to track battery status from their smartphone. It works on all 12 V batteries (choose lithium or lead/acid version), easily monitoring battery status through Antigravity's app.
Battery Tracker allows voltage testing, starting performance and charging system monitoring with immediate real-time data and history up to 31 days, sending alerts to the smartphone when within Bluetooth range.
Battery Tracker installs in less than two minutes and additionally allows the rider to monitor the level of parasitic draw and how fast the battery discharges, and alerts of low energy before the battery is dead. Charging system verification is useful for home mechanics, and racers can check battery status and alternator output during time on track. Total loss systems document voltage decline while in operation.