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Tuesday 14 May 2019


Shovelhead Chromoly Steel Pushrods and Solid Adjustable Tappet Kit

Camarillo, California based JIMS continues its new products blitz with specialty tools for specialty tasks. 

Chromoly steel pushrods and solid adjustable tappet kit for Shovelheads

The company says of its 4340 chromoly steel pushrods and solid adjustable tappet kit for Shovelheads: "Despite advancements in hydraulic lifters, solids are still the way to go for maximum power.  Most engine builders agree that solid lifters can withstand more aggressive cam profiles and higher rpm.  

"In the case of Shovelheads, just because the engine is an older design doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than the best. Our top quality 4340 steel pushrod and adjustable solid lifter kit for Shovelhead engines delivers stability, strength and durability."
Balancer bearing puller for Touring and Softail M-8 engines

The company's new balancer bearing remover allows smooth, easy removal of the balancer bearings that Harley has incorporated to reduce engine vibration in M-8 engines - without damage to the crankcase. Works for both Touring and Softail M-8 engines.

Also seen here, JIMS' new castlenut socket is for the unique inner fork nut (castlenut) used on the new Softail inverted forks to secure and compress the fork spring. This one-piece solid steel socket is designed to help the technician by securing the socket to the joint rod prior to final assembly.
Castlenut socket for Softail inverted forks

Finally, this new engine main seal remover and installer for Twin Cams is designed to remove and install the crankcase main seal while the engine is still in the chassis. The unique design is said to reduce the risk of damage to the crankshaft and crankcase.

Manufactured from hardened tool steel, the kit includes the adapters required for use on both Twin Cam 88 and Twin Cam 96 based engines. 
Twin Cam main seal remover and installer