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Tuesday 20 June 2023


The 'Do-it-All' Go-To Jumper, Inflator and Charger

California based lithium battery and restart technology specialist Antigravity has updated its award-winning MICRO-START lineup. The latest addition is its all-new XP-15 - its 'do-it-all' device - a compact jump-starter, tire inflator/air pump and electronics charger all in one unit. It even has a voltmeter function. 

"We consider it the perfect roadside assistant to carry in your vehicle, especially on motorcycles and powersports vehicles where space is at a premium. It is also an ideal garage accessory to jumpstart, inflate tires, or to fast-charge or power USB devices with its PD 60W charging ability," says CEO and owner Scott Schafer.

"The new XP-15 is an all-in-one go-to jump-starter that can easily start cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports vehicles, boats and more. Jumpstart trucks up to 6.7 l diesel engines and gas engines up to 10 l. It's simpler than ever with a digital display screen that shows status for starting and makes it easy to see capacity, set tire pressure, read battery voltage and more."

Scott explained that the XP-15 delivers "super-fast charging and powerful USB Type-C PD 60W charging. With PD 60 watt you can quickly charge your Apple or Windows laptops, tablets, phones, cameras and much more, or recharge the XP-15 in just one hour. It also has a USB-A QC3.0 port to quickly charge a second device.

"The XP-15 has a built-in tire inflator and detachable air hose, so you can maintain tire pressure anywhere you go. Use the included adapters to pump up small rafts, sports balls and more. The inflator will automatically shut off when the pre-set pressure is reached, or it can be operated manually. The charging status is visible on the digital display, along with real-time pressure monitoring while inflating. There are safety protections and a bright LED flashlight built-in."

Scott says that Antigravity additionally has new designs for its XP-1 and the XP-10 MICRO-START models - also offering super-fast Type-C charging, a digital display and other updated features, plus two new, larger portable power stations will be available soon to complement its popular PS-45 and PS-80. "They will have numerous inputs and outputs and massive capacity, while still being compact and lightweight for portability."