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Tuesday 20 June 2023

Bagger Nation

Bag Bolt Taillight Kits and Thunder Pods

Shipping complete with two sets of Lightening or Thunder Bolts, these new Bagger Nation kits are for customizing the rear end of Sport Glides, Low Rider ST, or any M-8 Softail with hard bags. 

The Paul Yaffe Originals Bag Bolt taillight kit is an all-inclusive taillight and wiring package that helps you add either a set of Thunder Bolts or Lightning Bolts without the need to use an additional load equalizer - it is built-in. All the wiring, heat shrink and connectors are included for quick and easy bag removal. 

Bag Bolt

"With the Bag Bolt taillight kit, you can add two sets of our Lightning Bolts or Thunder Bolts to your M-8 Softail with hard bags," says Paul Yaffe. "The kit provides you with two sets of Lightning Bolts (red/red) or two sets of Thunder Bolts (red/amber), both utilizing C.O.B. technology.  These compact, laser-bright taillights are the smallest and highest quality lights available and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

"To complete a genuine, clean custom look, check out our 'The Fix Fender,' which can also be universally mounted on any flat surface.

"Laser-bright yet super small, C.O.B technology increases visibility, providing running light, brake light and signal functions. Lightning Bolts are available in black, chrome, brass and satin finishes; Thunder Bolts are available in black, chrome and brass finishes.

Thunder Bolt

"Lightning Bolts are smaller than a dime - and Thunder Bolts are smaller than a nickel. Both are an easy install - just bolt them in and wire them up. Each kit includes two sets (four) taillights, a wiring kit, pins and plugs and is backed by a lifetime warranty." 

Also seen here, Bagger Nation Thunder Pod taillight kits include three pairs of red to amber Thunder Bolts. "Our laser-bright Thunder Bolts provide both red running and brake light functions and feature our new amber switchback signal function. 

"When coupled with our CNC-machined billet aluminum 'Pods,' they provide a crazy bright, super custom look with a multitude of radical applications. The only limit is your imagination!" Thunder Bolts are Euro and Canada compliant. 

"The latest addition to our 'Pod' line of designer COB taillights, each set is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and available in a black or chrome finish, with three sets of matching Thunder Bolts featuring our laser-bright, flush-mounted red running/brake light functions with an all-new amber switchback signal function. 

"These bolt-on billet mounting plates can be installed on any flat surface and add a killer custom look to your project. Bolt them on your Bagger, Dyna, Softail, Sportster, car, boat, or even your spaceship -for a truly out-of-this-world taillight array."

See pages 22-23 for further information