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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC)

USA - Q1 down by -2.1% 

The Irvine, California based Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has reported that among leading brands, sales of new motorcycles and scooters decreased -2.1% through the first quarter of 2023 (125,712 units), compared to the same period of the previous year (128,368 units). 

ATVs decreased -16.3% among leading brands; the grand total of powersports vehicle sales for Q1, 2023 - as defined by the MIC - was down by -5.8% at 164,199 units for the first three months of 2023, compared to 174,327 units for the year-ago quarter.

Two motorcycle segments did see Q1 increases. The Adventure Tourer (aka 'Dual Sport') segment continued its growth trend and was up by +7.9% (18,703 units), with Off-Highway motorcycles up by +6.5% (38,561 units). Total On-Highway motorcycles were -7.4% at 64,940 units. 

Recognising the tremendous growth of the ADV market segment, the MIC Research and Statistics Department has added a new category to the MIC Retail Sales Report for the first time in decades. The latest report has divided the Adventure and Dual Sport categories as specific types, underneath the general 'Dual' heading*.

Motorcycles and scooters accounted for 76.6% of total new unit sales through Q1, and ATVs represented 23.4%. Scooters were -24.7% for the quarter at 3,508 units.

*The MIC is defining 'Dual Sport' models as motorcycles certified by their manufacturers to be in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, designed primarily for off-highway recreational use with the capability for legal use on public roads. The association is defining Adventure models as motorcycles designed primarily for on-highway use and capable of light duty off-highway riding. These machines incorporate features such as small windscreens, long-travel suspension, engine guards, and are generally designed with either a rally-style front fender or a high front fender design.

For the record: Total new powersports vehicle registrations in USA for 2022 were 733,537 units (-6.2% from 781,806 units in 2021). ATV units were -12.7% at 186,321. Total motorcycle registrations were -3.5% at 537,216 units for the year, of which On-Highway were -5.4% (297,174 units); Off-Highway were -5.0% (145,218); 'Dual' were +9.0% (72,643 units) and Scooters were -4.3% (22,181 units).