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Tuesday 13 June 2023

BS Battery

BS Battery - Lithium "Solutions, Not Just Products"

French battery and charger manufacturer BS Battery recently extended its successful multi-year European distribution relationship with Parts Europe, adding availability to US dealers through Drag Specialties (and Parts Unlimited).

The announcement came just before this year's NVP Product Expo at Louisville, Kentucky, where BS Battery made its debut as an exhibiting vendor, and AMD took the opportunity to meet up with former Yamaha man Frank Pittman - its brand support manager in North America.

Frank Pittman

This year, the French manufacturer has stepped up its lithium battery and charger program, and in anticipation of the demand it is expecting to see from the U.S. V-twin market, Frank told us that "we have extended the range of powersports lithium battery market segment application coverage we offer in anticipation of the specific demand we expect to see in the United States, with added product numbers for the power-hungry ATV and UTV/SSV markets.

"But the performance and weight saving lithium story is proving particularly popular with Harley dealers, V-twin shops and customizers. We offer coverage for all segments - street, off-road, race bikes, ATV/SSV, and even PWC and snowmobiles. But Drag Specialties' sales representatives are telling us that it is the V-twin and Cruiser segment applications that set the BS Battery brand apart from others, with specific fitments for Harley-Davidson and Indian models."

'V-twin specific applications for H-D and Indian models' 

In Europe, BS Battery's lithiums are known for their durability and ability to maintain their charge and cope with extreme heat and cold. Frank says: "Our batteries can resist up to 230°C heat temperature and are also able to start an engine after a very long period of storage, even in very cold temperature conditions - summer or winter. They are a genuine and genuinely reliable year-round solution.

"Compared to lead-acid batteries, weight is one of the biggest advantages of lithium, with up to 70% weight savings compared to lead-acid equivalents. With a faster charging process too, up to twice as fast. Lithium batteries are also a lot more versatile in terms of where they can sit on the motorcycle. They can be installed with an inclination angle of 180°, which makes them very popular with customizers.

'known for their durability'

"They are inventory-friendly, too. Our lithium batteries have a longer battery life on shelves and can take a much higher number of charge cycles - which is an important advantage for dealers."

The installation of lithium batteries needs some care. Frank explained that BS Battery strongly advises checking the regulator and maximum draw of the bike before installation - a lithium battery cannot handle a voltage over 15V. "This is something that many vendors do not explain. It is simple enough to get it right, but the advantages of lithium mean that they are different to orthodox lead- acid technology.

"Once checked, then installation is easy. All lithium batteries from BS Battery are 100% ready to use, you just have to plug and play.

"Here at Louisville, we have been meeting a lot of the Drag Specialties representatives for the first time, and inevitably they want to know why they should recommend BS lithium batteries rather than other brands, but the answers are really quite straight forward.

"Our batteries are developed with and for Original Equipment manufacturers. We test their reliability continuously in racing conditions - our BSLi-02 is approved by many racing teams all over the world. The technical feedbacks from the racing engineers allow us to improve our range constantly. BSLi-02 is used by many European vehicle makers on street bikes as well.

"We are also paying attention to the small details that can make all the difference. Details such as the LED indicator on top of the casing, so riders and dealers can immediately know the state of charge before or without disconnecting the battery from the bike.

'three part numbers cover 80 percent of applications'

"Being much smaller than acid batteries, our lithiums are delivered with spacers to limit vibrations for a better riding comfort and battery durability. We’ve also designed robust brass terminals to enhance electrical performance. Our mantra is that 'we don’t just provide products, we provide solutions.' Our France based R&D engineers are entirely focused on making our dealers' and riders' lives easier."

The BS Battery lithium range includes some 13 specific part numbers, "but the good news for dealers is that 80 percent of applications can be covered by just three of them. In case dealers or riders want to make sure that a battery is the right one for their motorcycle or powersports vehicle, we have created an online tool called 'Battery Finder,' which is available on our website to help the dealers and riders in their research."