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Tuesday 7 February 2023


AGM Battery Tech - Specifically Designed for Heavy V-Twins

Dutch battery specialist Landport offers batteries for all powersports applications, and that includes a specialty range - HVT - for Harley-Davidson and custom V-twin applications.

HVT is a starter battery with Absorbent Glass Mat technology (AGM) featuring advanced cranking performance and excellent vibration resistance. With its extremely robust and heat resistant casing (they really are strong), this battery is specially designed for heavy V-twins - motorcycles that require higher starting power than others.

 This AGM lead-acid battery is already factory-activated (filled and charged) and therefore ready to use. It is 100 percent maintenance-free, completely sealed, spill-proof and leak-proof - making it ultra-safe, an important consideration for distributors and dealers.

It is available in a range of 6V and 12V batteries from 14Ah to 30Ah and besides AGM technology it includes a 6V conventional dry pre-charged battery and three HVT batteries with GEL technology. In addition to advanced starting power and heat resistance, the rider gets excellent durability as well as vibration and weather resistance.