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Tuesday 7 February 2023

Klock Werks

Klock Werks - Performance Bagger Hugger Series

Mitchell, South Dakota based Klock Werks would like to introduce us to "Henry" - a new front fender in its performance bagger hugger series that is the result of a collaboration between Brian Klock and Hot Rod specialist Henry Richards of Steadfast Mfg. (Bellville, Ohio).

Apparently, while talking performance baggers in Daytona recently, the two focused in on a look and a feel that was missing, but needed in the marketplace.

"After I raised the suspension and added the Öhlins forks to my Road Glide, I noticed even just picking it up off the kickstand it flexed with a lightweight fender. The first time I used my Klock Werks stamped version I was so impressed, it's like adding a fork brace and fender," Henry stated. 

"I called Brian and we utilized the designs we put into our Hot Rods to come up with this cut. Against my judgement he decided to call it 'Henry'," he laughed.

Perfect for any conventional fork or inverted front end, the 'Henry' fender adds a higher side wall cut to show off wheels and brakes, while offering ample protection and the performance bagger look desired by today's builders. "Stamped from 14-gauge steel right here in the United States and then sent through a 13-step e-coat process for protection, it's the best quality product we can make. No corners are cut for our customers." 

Brian added: "We are proud to team up with designers like Henry, professionals who know their craft and will only bring the best to market."

Available in the 16-19" size tire fitment and in a 21" version, they include the appropriate blocks to fit the forks for a 'Fit Kit' package that has everything the customer needs for a 2014-2023 project. Klock Werks says it has also "raised the bar for fender blocks, offering inverted fork options and conventional versions with the optional Steadfast Block design.

"The use of five-axis laser cutting ensures accurate fitment, and the stamped steel with e-coat minimizes any need for bodywork while continuing to resist rust and corrosion long after paint."