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Tuesday 7 February 2023

Andreani Group

Andreani Vacuum Pump Series

Italian suspension specialist Andreani Group need little introduction as one of Europe's leading suspension businesses. Headed up by former racer Giuseppe Andreani, it is well known for Misano brand cartridges, top-brand domestic Italian distribution - such as for Öhlins - for its race paddock suspension support team, and for its internationally popular suspension technician courses.

Andreani is also a world leader in designing and building advanced suspension workshop equipment, diagnostic testers and service tools. Seen here, its SP range of vacuum pumps are 'essential kit' for high-traffic suspension workshops.

Andreani says that the most useful is the SP2 vacuum pump, which allows the technician to bleed and fill shock absorbers manually using special hydraulic controls - perfect for a race use, considering how light and versatile it is. 

Its evolution, the SP4, allows the technician to vacuum and fill all shock absorbers automatically, controlling all processes using the display, thanks to an easy-to-use software. 

At the top of the range, the SP5 is the most innovative vacuum pump developed by Andreani Group. It allows technicians to make easier, more accurate and more efficient filling and vacuuming of shock absorbers of any kind and any brand.

Featuring a fully automated process, it features easy to use and extremely efficient software with a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface and touch screen display for real time process checking.