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Tuesday 7 February 2023


Mid-USA Adds Advanced Rear Drive Chains for All Models

Historic Italian manufacturer Regina (Regina Catene Calibrate S.p.A.) practically invented motorcycle drive chains (and most power transmission chain concepts) back in 2019 - but it is not a company that rests on past achievements, as proven by the recent launches of its HPE series maintenance-free chains. Yes, chains that do not need relubricating every 1,000 miles or less.

The secret sauce in development of the new 520 and 525 series HPE chains by Regina has been in the use of its in-house developed Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coating applied to the surfaces of the chain bushes and rollers.

The secret sauce is the use of Regina's in-house developed Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coating - applied to the surfaces of the chain bushes and rollers.

This guarantees resistance, smoothness and, above all, allows elimination of the periodic relubrication. An exclusive feature that, in addition to increasing the chain's efficiency and duration, minimizes the splashes of lubricant while riding and eliminating the need for the routine relubrication required to keep conventional motorcycle chains operating at peak performance.

Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts has stepped up and is stocking a choice of three 530-series Regina chains - the 'Big Brothers' of the 520 and 525 chains and more suited to the drive chain needs of bigger inch touring and cruiser V-twins - Harley, Indian and custom applications.

530 ZRP2 - Drag Racing Z-Ring

530 RT - Standard Roller 

530 ZRT - Z-Ring

Regina's 530 RT (Standard Roller) is intended for normal street use. These chains ensure high milage with reduced elongation. Assembled with solid bushings and rollers, they have shot-peened plates, pins and rollers to increase the fatigue resistance. They have 7,756 lbs average tensile strength and include clip-type and rivet-type master links.

The 530 ZRT (Z-Ring) chain features patented Z-Ring technology that provides enhanced chain flexibility. The lubricants are trapped between the plates to keep the unit lubricated and increasing its life. This chain has an 8,992 lbs average tensile strength and includes rivet-type master links.

At the top of the range is the 530 ZRP2 (Drag Racing Z-Ring) chain - a heavy-duty version of the standard Z-Ring chain with 9,442 lbs average tensile strength and rivet-type master links.