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Tuesday 21 February 2023


Cult-Werk Additions - Sportster S

3-in-1 LED Lighting Unit

This 3-in-1 LED lighting set (with E-mark) includes a glossy black powder-coated steel bracket for side-mount license plate conversions and is required when the stock license plate is removed for a side-mount. The holder is screwed to the original rear mounting points using the provided hardware. Cult-Werk says that this is the "shortest license plate holder on the market " and that it is a fully approved steel replacement - CNC-lasered and then powder-coated in black. Sizes are available for all the most common European dimension regulations. The license plate holder is attached to the swingarm at the top hole of the original lighting bracket. The kit includes the side-mount license plate holder, the pre-assembled light, an M8 thread screw and four screws (with nuts) for license plate attachment. Cult-Werk also offers a slide-in style side-mount license plate holder.

Front Indicator Holder

Suitable for all Sportster S models from 2021 (and Nightsters from 2022), this CNC-milled/lasered, edged and then black powder-coated front indicator holder can be combined with all common turn signals - such as those from Kellermann, Shin-Yo, and others. The holders are mounted on the handlebar fittings and screwed to the handlebar clamp.

Lighting Unit Holder

This holder will take any LED 3-in-1 lighting device with an M8 thread. Made from steel and then powder-coated in glossy black, the lighting unit is required if you remove the original lighting bracket and use a side license plate holder. The holder is screwed to the original mounting points in the rear part using the mounting material provided. 

V2 Custom Front Fender

Designed for a sportier look, this front fender is a 100% custom-fit ABS plastic part ("NO cheap GRP," the company says!). Manufactured using "the most modern 5-axis CNC machining centers, so that the fender only has to be exchanged for the original - no modifications needed."  It is available ready for paint or finished in glossy black.

NRS-Style Headlight Mask

This 'NRS-style' headlight mask is based on the popular look of the V-Rod/Night Rod mask but redesigned specifically for the Sportster S. The original remains. The kit includes a CNC-lasered headlight bracket - the design gives "an even more aggressive look and makes the Sportster S look deeper and longer. No changes to the original cables are necessary, this is a fully reversible 'plug and play' install - the headlight can still be adjusted, just like the original. Available ready for paint or pre-painted glossy black."


Lower Fork Cover

Simply remove the cat eyes on the stock front fork and it slides freely into this cover - then you can simply put them back onto the cover if preferred. "With this two-part fork cover kit you can hide the lower fork tubes. It covers the chromed fork tubes, and the entire fork appears bulkier and completely black." The covers are screwed to the original front fender mounting points. Made from high-quality steel, milled on 5-axis machining centers and then powder-coated in matte black. All needed hardware included.

Rear Axle Cover

Placed over the axle and nut and clamped with threaded pins for a clean look. CNC-machined from billet aluminum; matte black powder-coated.

Racing Style Mirror Set

This "Racing" mirror set in black gives the Sportster S a "super cool look. It is made of aluminum and black anodized. These universal mirrors have a light blue tinted mirror glass for optimal glare protection and are suitable for mounting above or below the handlebars. They are not EG/ABE approved - not suitable for road traffic and only suitable for show and racing purposes." Head width is 125 mm, the height is 62 mm and the stem length is approx. 140 mm.

Old School Frame Seat

This "Old School" style frame seat is made with a steel base plate and covered for that sought after 'retro' look - "a modification-free install replacement for the stock seat and turns the original saddle into a cool part. One of the two frame covers under the seat can also be used to achieve an even cleaner look."