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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Western Power Sports

S&S to Sell Off-Road Product Through WPS

Western Power Sports (WPS - Boise, Idaho) has struck a deal with S&S Cycle to distribute its burgeoning range of off-road exhaust systems and performance parts to U.S. dealers through the seven-strong WPS warehouse network.

Eric Bondy

"At a previous company, I sold S&S for 15 years, I know its high-quality products and long history in V-twin, and I'm thrilled to bring the brand to WPS," said Ronnie Wehr, Senior Vice President of Sales for WPS. "It's an exciting opportunity to take a well-known company and help grow its presence in a new market. Our sales team is known for growing brands into powerhouses, and we hope to do that for the S&S Cycle off-road division."

Ronnie Wehr

The initial product offerings include XTO exhaust and tuning inserts that customize exhaust power and sound, and a clutch and billet fuel rail kit for Kawasaki. WPS will also distribute S&S' Kawasaki KRX turbo kit. It offers, what is already one of the most durable and well-sorted 1000 cc SxS in the space, a 50% bump in horsepower.

"We're very excited to have been able to agree an open-ended partnership with the team at WPS, so they can offer their dealers our expanding line-up of off-road performance products," said Eric Bondy, Vice President of S&S Cycle. "S&S and WPS are a great fit, and we're looking forward to getting these awesome performance products into dealerships and the consumers' hands!"

Ronnie Wehr went on to say that "this partnership supports WPS' strategy to offer dealers the best, most comprehensive high-performance products nationwide. The UTV and ATV industry is growing, and our customer demand for customized, personalized parts is growing with it."