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Tuesday 2 February 2021

S&S Cycle

'Air Stinger' High Flow Air Cleaner Kit

S&S Cycle's Stealth air cleaner kits have been a solid performance addition for the V-twin market since their launch in 2012.
Each year S&S has been able to further develop the line with a new cover or fitment, and this new Air Stinger adds another chapter to the story.

The Air Stinger takes the existing high flow Stealth air cleaner and replaces the air smoothing stinger with a similarly shaped filter element. The additional filter surface equals a +55% gain over a factory filter in an M-8.
"Big bore and modified engines require additional airflow, and the Air Stinger was designed specifically for those needs," states S&S Product Manager Grant Hillegass. The Air Stinger is also available with the classic mini teardrop cover in black or chrome or as a replacement cover plate to update an existing Stealth system. 


Just like the Stealth filters, the Air Stinger filter element is washable and designed to last for years. Applications for most Harley models from 2001 to current.