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Tuesday 9 February 2021

Indian Motorcycle

Indian Challenger - Stage 2 Performance Cams

Indian Motorcycle has taken the S&S driven success of the Challenger at the Laguna Seca 'King of the Baggers' to heart and intends to make sure everybody knows about it!
The company says that it is "taking its 'King of the Baggers' to the next level" with a powerful new Stage 2 performance cams accessory upgrade kit that adds a best-in-class performance gain of +10%.

Tyler O'Hara

"Now the ultimate American Bagger gets an extra dose of muscle with the introduction of Indian Motorcycle's all-new Stage 2 PowerPlus performance cams - the same cams that helped power S&S' Indian Challenger to victory at Laguna Seca.
"Featuring best-in-class stock performance, the Indian Challenger gains +10% more horsepower with the Stage 2 upgrade kit - providing a new level of unmatched passing power and American Bagger performance. Representing Indian Motorcycle's most powerful engine ever, the stock 108 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, V-twin PowerPlus engine delivers a class-leading 122 horsepower and 128 ft-lbs. of torque. 

The 2020 King of the Baggers

"By pairing the Stage 2 performance cams with Indian Motorcycle's PowerPlus Stage 1 air intake and Stage 1 slip-on exhaust, riders will experience the unquestionable sensation of increased power the moment they twist the throttle."
Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle, said: "The Challenger has already established itself as the outright leader in performance for American Baggers, but these PowerPlus performance cams raise that bar even higher. The world got its first taste of what these cams can do when our S&S Challenger dominated at King of the Baggers. But now everyone can experience it - whether you're coming off the line at Laguna Seca or just giving it a little bit more to pass a semi out on the highway."
Race-proven, the S&S Challenger, piloted by renowned motorcycle racer Tyler O'Hara, was race- tuned to take on the legendry Laguna Seca Raceway and a field dominated by heavily modified Harley-Davidsons. While the winning Challenger received structural modifications to ergonomics, suspension, overall weight and more, only minimal tweaks were made to the Challenger's stock PowerPlus engine. Among those were the use of the then unreleased Stage 2 performance cams that are now available at Indian Motorcycle dealers.