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Wednesday 17 February 2021


Rekluse Radius X Auto Clutch with TorqDrive and EXP Technology

Though historically best known for its innovative MX clutch technology, Boise, Idaho based Rekluse has a range of options for V-twin applications. Seen here for H-D Big Twins, the company's Radius X is a high-performance centrifugal auto clutch combining TorqDrive and EXP technologies. 

TorqDrive provides more clutch discs in less space, allowing for maximum performance within the bike’s existing clutch footprint. "You retain full control of shifting and use of your clutch lever with no compromise in power delivery - more friction discs mean more torque capacity.
"Developed over years of testing in professional racing, the thinner friction discs allow more discs to fit into the clutch, dramatically increasing performance and durability. Tuning options are expanded to maximize power transfer and reduce clutch lever pull effort. Riders feel improved acceleration, drive and control."

To protect and extend the life of the basket, TorqDrive includes steel lining sleeves to eliminate basket wear and notching. Rekluse says that its friction pad design aids oil flow and reduces drag - "the result is clean disengagement at the lever, improved modulation and improved clutch control. TorqDrive discs utilize a steel core, while OEM discs use aluminum. When heated, steel expands less than half the amount of aluminum. This means clutch fade is virtually eliminated.
"Through years of research and testing, we have identified the best friction material for motorcycle applications considering functionality, grip and durability. This means our friction material can take more abuse than others before losing performance. We’ve seen up to four times the life compared to other clutches."

Using principles of centrifugal force, EXP technology automatically engages and disengages the clutch based on engine rpm. With EXP, riders can start and stop without touching the clutch lever - no more stalling and reduced arm fatigue. "EXP automatic clutch technology provides riders precision throttle control, maximum traction and confidence to maneuver any obstacle.
"Each Rekluse auto clutch is optimized for each bike model as it comes from the factory. However, everybody rides differently, so we made sure EXP technology can be fine-tuned. We offer different spring and wedge options so riders can further adjust their clutch’s performance. Some riders like the clutch to engage just above idle, while others like later engagement.

"The clutch lever remains fully functional at all times - it is possible to fully override the auto functionality at any time. You can pull the lever in, build rpms and pop the clutch out just like normal. No modifications are required to stock components and shifting transmission remains unchanged."
RadiusX is also available for Indian Thunder Stroke models including the Chief, Chieftain, Springfield and Roadmaster, and for Scout models. TorqDrive clutch packs are also available for manual clutches.