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Tuesday 9 February 2021

Wolo Manufacturing

Powerful Stock Replacement 124 dB Dual Tone Air Horn System

Founded in 1965, Long Island, New York based Wolo Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of horns and warning lights for vehicles, motorcycles, marine and industrial equipment - "innovative products to protect and keep people safe."
Its extensive range of replacement and custom style application motorcycle horns, including their H-D-specific designs, are louder than stock, much louder than stock. Incredibly loud in fact!

Stock Harley horns produce a rather ineffective 89 dB. By comparison, the 12 volt Wolo 'Hideaway BLAST' seen here is a very powerful dual tone air horn system that produces twice the power of the stock horn at a massive 124 decibels - for sure, other road users will know you're there!
The company says that years of in-house R&D has gone into the development of their latest (model 900) drop-in as a stock horn replacement for most motorcycles that have saddlebags and a horn housing.

The 'Hideaway BLAST' fits into the factory horn housing and is hidden from view, with no special tools needed. The compact, heavy-duty compressor mounts into the left side saddlebag using a patented mounting bracket and secures with 3M Dura Lock tape.
Installation requires one 25/32" access hole to be drilled into the saddlebag's inside wall to route the air hose to the horn and the relay wires to the compressor.
The air hose and wires are concealed inside a black, flexible tubing that looks like the original equipment and secures to the saddlebag with a waterproof connector. The 'Hideaway BLAST' is engineered with a heavy-duty, waterproof 30 amp relay, which is factory installed and prewired to the horn.
The 'Hideaway BLAST' uses the original factory horn cover and in addition to the patented compressor bracket (that mounts without drilling holes), the complete kit includes all the necessary hardware and simple to follow pictorial installation instructions.
Wolo Manufacturing says it is the leader in horn design and technology (electric and air horns) and is a second generation, family owned and operated business.