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Monday 22 February 2021


Barnett Extra Plate Clutch Kits

Available for Evo Sportsters, Evo/Twin Cam Big Twins and V-Rods, Barnett's 'extra plate' clutch kits feature "our proven carbon or Kevlar 'segmented' friction plates, tempered steel drive plates and an increase in clutch surface area by between 10% and 20% - depending on the kit and application. The V-Rod extra plate kits also include heavy duty clutch springs."

The company says that its 'segmented' friction material design "increases oil flow through the clutch and provides a smoother, more consistent performance and extended clutch life."
Described as ideal for modified motors and high-performance riding applications, Barnett says that all its clutch kits are measured for proper stack height prior to packaging "to ensure optimal performance."