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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts

HardBody Copper and Black Antique Style Springers

Ideal for custom applications, these HardBody copper and black antique style Springer front ends from Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts come fully assembled with in-line top bracket without built-in rake (0 degree rake) and are available in 18" and 20".
The standard length Springer (20" measured from the bottom of lower tree to the axle center) is comparable to the vintage FL model fork length. The 1" O.D. steering stem is designed for Timken type bearings; neck cup conversion kit available to install Springer on K model and Sportster 1952/1981.
They measure 8 3/4" between the axle rockers, have cast rockers, includes 3/4" O.D. axle, and have riser mounts on 4 3/4" centers (threaded 1/2-20). A universal brake rod mount with 5/8" hole is on the right rear leg for disc brakes. They are available in 18" and 20" lengths - the 20" is the same as the Vintage FL.