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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Twin Power

Twin Power 'Bag in a Box' Dealer Oil Program

Twin Power, known for its high-quality parts and accessories for American V-twins, has introduced a new Six Gallon Bag in a Box oil program for dealers.
The new program is described as "ideal for service-oriented shops by offering a unique solution for stocking multiple lubricants (up to six products) on one convenient dispenser rack that takes up no more space than a single 55-gallon drum."
With the Twin Power Bag in a Box oil program, "there are no disposal or containment hassles. The unique packaging dispenses all of the product without any mess or loss. A heavy-duty welded steel rack, plus six convenient dispensing jugs are supplied at no charge with a $600.00 product purchase." The company says that "unlike some other bulk oil on the market, Twin Power's bulk system uses only the same high-quality product it offers in its branded bottles."
James Simonelli, Twin Power Brand Manager, said: "Twin Power is focused on bringing to market unique and innovative products to support our dealers. With multiple lubricants available that require no more shop space than a single 55-gallon drum, in addition to saving the dealer $1.00 per quart, this new program is sure to be a hit."
Products available through the Bag in a Box oil program include Twin Power's 20W-50 Conventional Engine Oil, 20W-50 Synthetic Oil, Primary Lube and 85W-140 Gear Oil.