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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Hawg Halters Inc.

New 21 x 5.5 HHI Indian Chieftain Wide Tire Kit

Now available from Georgia based Hawg Halters, the latest addition to its wide tire program is this new Indian Chieftain 21 x 5.5 wide tire kit for 2020.
Featuring a purpose-built, custom 5-degree triple tree made of 6061 billet aluminum for the Chieftain series of Indian Motorcycles, the wide tire kit "delivers outstanding performance and rideability."

Available in black or machine finishes, this new HHI wide tire kit is designed to utilize the stock 46 mm Indian legs and provide a seamless installation with all the stock factory mounting points included.
The Indian Chieftain X-23 triple tree kit allows the custom builder the option of creating a 21 x 5.5 wide tire bike or a 23 x 3.75 big tire bike build.

To finish a custom project off, HHI has a full range of custom parts including HHI/Renegade Custom wheels in 18 x 5.5 and 21 x 5.5 front wide tire sizes, stock replacement wheel sizes and big wheel applications up to 26 inches, custom fenders, with matching 11.8 and 13 inch single or dual true floating brake rotors, direct bolt-on 6 piston brake calipers and complete AirFX air suspension systems.