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Tuesday 24 March 2020

S&S Cycle

'Tribute' Air Cleaner Kit

Conceived by S&S founder and brought to market by his son George B. Smith, the classic Two-Throat carb and matched air cleaner served as a performance milestone in the V-twin market for over a decade. 

Now long gone, they are still a hot commodity for in-the-know chopper builders. Inspired by the unique style of their Two-Throat intake, S&S has created the new 'Tribute' air cleaner cover and wrapped it around their contemporary high flow Stealth intake system.  
"The forward facing scoop shape provides a distinct air flow advantage, and we've always loved the look of this air cleaner, so bringing it back needed to happen," states S&S Product Manager Grant Hillegass. "A great combination of classic styling with modern performance."
S&S has a Stealth style air filter kit for most H-D models and the 'Tribute' cover bolts nicely to all of them (available as a complete kit or cover only) in chrome or gloss black. The performance advantage is significant (up to +6 hp on the M-8 platform), and most of the late model kits are CARB legal and warranty-friendly.