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Wednesday 4 March 2020

Baker Drivetrain

Baker Factory 5-Speed Kicker

Never short of a stimulating point of view, Bert Baker of Haslett, MI., based Baker Drivetrain fame says that "we all know bolt on kicker kits are nothing new, but over the years many have come and gone for one common reason: they all relied on a ratchet hub or shaft extension that screwed on to the end of the mainshaft in place of the 3/4-16 nyloc jam nut. They all eventually broke for the same reason - the end of the mainshaft snapped off.

"Our BAKER F5K kicker kits use a ratchet hub that presses onto the shank of the mainshaft, then the outer diameter of the ratchet hub presses into the over-sized trap door bearing.  The ratchet hub is effectively located and secured from moving by the over-sized door bearing. The F5K is designed to fit on bikes fitted with our Direct Drive 5-Speed or Factory 5-Speed bikes."
They are manufactured with a heavy duty 6061-T6 all billet aluminum construction bearing door and kicker cover, 8620 steel heat treated press-in-mainshaft hub and retainer, heavy duty stainless steel straight kick arm and bronze kick pedal with 5/8" spindle. Transmission case removal from the bike is not required for installation.
The hydraulic type kits come with 1.5" piston; a 11/16" bore master cylinder is required for matched compatibility. Cable type kits come with ball ramp actuator. They are compatible with the factory electric starter, for kick and electric start; the bearing trap door and kicker cover come pre-assembled for quick installation.  There are three different trap door finish options.
Backed by Baker's 2 year unlimited warranty, 1989-1999 factory 5-speeds and direct drive 5-speeds, and 1999-2006 factory 5-speeds will not clear the factory exhaust; fuel injection models will need to be converted to carburettor; Twin Cam models will need an ignition retrofit to either a cam type sensor or a magneto.