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Tuesday 31 March 2020

S&S Cycle

XL SuperStreet 2:1; GNX 4.5" Slip-On

Viola, Wisconsin based S&S Cycle has released a new 2-into-1 SuperStreet exhaust for late model Sportsters.
"The S&S R&D team took their proven 2:1 SuperStreet exhaust internals and ported them over to the Sportster platform - and the result is a pipe that is designed to make power - we are seeing up to a +11 percent increase in horsepower."

2-into-1 SuperStreet exhaust for late model Sportsters

Highly engineered bends wrap around factory controls (works with mids or forwards), exiting through a stepped header and 4" muffler. The entire system is coated in their latest super durable black and topped off with an aluminum race-style cap. The high-volume muffler produces "a rowdy tone that unleashes the true V-twin sound the Sportster was designed for."
Also seen here, these 4.5" GNX slip-ons for M-8 Touring models feature a 4.5" muffler sleeve with a tuned baffle, removable dB reducer and race-inspired tip.

4.5" GNX slip-ons for M-8 Touring models

"The GNX lets the sound and power flow out of the M-8," says VP Marketing David Zemla. "The M-8 engine is a powerhouse, but a low idle combined with a plugged up exhaust can conspire to mute the true sounds of freedom this machine was designed to roar.
"Our new 4.5 incher is designed to set the M-8's inner performance soul free so the true character of the M-8 can be heard. However, if you want to tune the sound to suit your tastes? No problem. The removable dB reducer is your new best friend."
Warranty-friendly, the GNX slip-on is additionally available in S&S' new Guardian Black finish and relieved for shocks up to 13.5".