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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Performance Machine

PM Adds to Raceline Wheel Series

Californian manufacturer Performance Machine has come out with two new lightweight wheel designs in its CNC-machined forged aluminum Raceline Series of performance products for the performance bagger enthusiast - the 'Assault' and the 'Revolution'. They are both available in ABS and non-ABS versions with PM Raceline Series hubs and shipping with included 1" brackets to raise the front fender for proper clearance.  

The latest generation of PM Raceline hubs are lighter by a further 1.5 lbs each side at the front compared to the company's standard 'Image' series hubs, and 1.5 lbs less at the rear for a 4.5 lb total weight reduction in addition to the saving achieved by the way PM cuts these wheels.
The 'Assault' features aggressive 11-spoke styling and lightweight agility. The rim lip is back-cut to reduce mass at the outer edges of the wheel for decreased rotational inertia and a reduction in unsprung weight. 

The Raceline Series hubs are a design with all of the excess material machined away for improved weight reduction, "this wheel is serious about maximizing performance on the street or at the track."
The 'Revolution' is a one-piece lightweight "masterpiece" that is also captured between the ultra-light modular PM Raceline Series hubs to create a wheel that weighs less than even the lightest stock wheels.
The nine-spoke transitioning to 18-spoke design and back-cut rim lip "provides the strength you need with the weight reduction and decreased rotational inertia you are looking for in a high performance wheel for the street or for the track."
Both wheels are available in a 21" x 3.5" front and an 18" x 5.5" rear in choice of either black or gold anodized finishes.