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Tuesday 3 August 2021

Venhill Engineering

Distribution Opportunities for Venhill Control Cables

British controls specialist Venhill Engineering offers dealers access to a huge range of late model and older applications - both for the mainstream market and for Harleys and other V-twins.
Seen here, Venhill has added replacement Featherlight clutch cables for all key Victory models to its catalog. 

Owner Simon Kennedy told AMD that "the new cables are a real victory for owners of the American V-twins since finding OE replacements is getting increasingly difficult."
Venhill offers two types of clutch cables to suit the different levers found on Victory models - one uses a double-stepped handlebar ferrule with a loose barrel nipple at the lever, the second version has a single-stepped ferrule with a ball nipple for the lever.
Made to a much higher specification than the factory-fitted items, Venhill Featherlight cables are designed to deliver improved performance and durability along with smoother and lighter action - a big bonus for heavy cruiser clutches.


Simon Kennedy (center) has joined Venhill Engineering as Managing Director, taking over from Max and Lisa Adams, who ran the business for the past 20 years. Operations Manager Martin Bradfield (left) and Purchasing Manager Dean Freeman remain in position, ensuring a smooth transition.

They feature Venhill's high quality marine-grade stainless steel inner wire to eliminate stretch and a PTFE liner for minimum friction and a lighter action. The liner also removes the need for regular lubrication.
Each inner cable is 'bird-caged' - a special process applied to the end of the inner wire - which allows solder to penetrate the weave of the cable, making the bond with the nipple much stronger. "This adds extra strength and durability and helps reduce the risk of cable breakage," says Simon.
"The PTFE lined outer conduit is a two-part construction, consisting of conventional spiral wound steel with longitudinal strands overlayed. This is then covered with a hardened PA6 Nylon jacket to keep moisture and corrosion out and protect the inner. This provides an exceedingly strong conduit and ensures all of the lever force is delivered directly to where it is needed."
Both versions of the Victory clutch cables are designed to be a straight swap for the OE item - no modifications required. Nearly all Victory models made from 2005-on are covered, including the Highball, Kingpin, Vegas and Hammer.
From late models to classics, Venhill precision-manufactures all its products in-house at its UK factory. Simon Kennedy recently bought Venhill, with the prior owners retiring, and told AMD that he has openings for additional importers/distributors in selected markets.
"The sales growth the business is experiencing means that we need additional distributors to fill sales gaps in certain markets. For export sales it has always been Venhill's preference to work with importers who know their markets.
"Our range is one that can help drive dealer sign-ups, and the new partnerships we are able to create work well for all concerned. This is an exciting time for new distributors to get involved - the company has introduced a new product every day for the past 1,000 days," says Simon.

Founded in 1970, Venhill is sometimes the only source of cables for some models from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and even if they don't have a fitment 'on the shelf', they are quickly able to build to order.
"Fifty years as a controls specialist makes Venhill unique," says Simon. "We have a huge - and constantly expanding - range of replacement hydraulic hoses and cables for 'practical classics' as well as the most popular current makes and models, with new applications being added every month.
"A simple and cost-effective way to upgrade a machine, control cables are established front line replacements and upgrades for current, retro and classic models. With the pre-owned motorcycle market burgeoning as supply chain issues continue to choke off inferior Asian imports, our inventory and production flexibility has become an international 'go-to' source."