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Tuesday 31 August 2021


Oversized and Tapered Tracker Bars

Oversized and tapered 1-1/8 inch dirt bike style handlebars are common on lightweight dirt bikes and many European and Japanese sport machines. They have now become very popular on high-performance Harleys, migrating to high-performance Dynas and other platforms (especially Sportsters), and with good reason - they look great and encourage a riding stance that can improve rider control over the handling issues that all those ponies can create.
"However, construction shortcomings have limited their function and appeal," says Biltwell co-founder Bill Bryant. "Unfortunately, the aluminum material used to make tapered bars is not ideal for big twin bar construction. 

Tracker high OS
Tracker mid OS

"Unlike steel, which bends or cracks before breaking, aluminum can fail without warning, especially when subjected to the stress of controlling a 600-pound motorcycle. One great way to improve the strength of aluminum handlebars is to increase their wall thickness. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with modern Harleys because the resultant small inside diameter would make TBW module fitment impossible.
"Our Tracker OS bars taper to 1" at the ends and the tapered and butted 4130 chromoly we use solves all these problems. We employ advanced tube tapering and CNC bending technologies to ensure every Biltwell Tracker OS bar is stronger than stock and straight as an arrow. CNC slotting and notching lets you install throttle modules easily - no dangerous shims or drilling required.        
"They pair well with our Murdock OS 1-1/8" risers and have a 1-1/8" clamping area, but the taper down to 1 inch O.D. on the grip ends means they can accept stock and aftermarket H-D hand controls. The CNC mandrel-bent radiuses mean for laser-straight ergonomics for all-day riding comfort."
They are available in black electroplate and mirror chrome-plated finishes in three heights from standard ('near flat') to 'mid' to 'high'.
"The Technischer Überwachungsverein (the Technical Inspection Association for TÜV) in Germany is an independent laboratory that tests the fatigue strength, manufacturing quality and fitment for a wide range of consumer products, with special emphasis on automotive and motorcycle components and accessories. Biltwell handlebars and risers that have received TÜV verification are among the strongest and most thoroughly well-tested motorcycle parts in the world," says Bryant.