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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)

Motorcycle Heat Shield Liners

Avon Lake, Ohio heat and sound management specialist Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has these effective, discreet motorcycle heat shield liner kits, for "when looks are as important as performance."

The discreet installation maintains the outer look of the exhaust system, while insulating the outer heat shields. Each piece is precision-cut to fit between the exhaust pipe and the heat shield, blocking heat transfer and lowering the surface temperatures of the outer shields.

"DEI's heat shield liners are completely hidden when installed," says John Gabriel, powersports manager, DEI. "The kits reduce the amount of heat radiating from the exhaust system, giving the rider and passenger a cooler ride. This is especially noticeable when the rider stops and puts the feet on the ground."
Easy to install with no permanent modifications required, the heat shield liners have a dual-layer construction of aluminum and feature DEI's proprietary Dura 2000 insulating material, providing a more than 60% reduction in heat.
Available for stock and popular aftermarket head pipes, including black or chrome, the kits are CNC-cut for a perfect fit. The durable, long-lasting components install easily, and create no smoke or odors.