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Friday 20 August 2021


HardDrive Exclusives - Lyndall B52 and TT Tracker Wheels

Boise, Idaho based HardDrive, the specialty V-twin aftermarket P&A distribution brand for Western Power Sports (WPS), is "going deep" on Lyndall wheels and brakes inventory this year.
"We first partnered with Lyndall in 2014, just a year after WPS formed HardDrive," says V-Twin Product Director Krys Brown. "So they are one of our longest standing manufacturers and were one of the fist market leaders to come on board.
"It is a solid and collaborative team effort between the two companies. We both feel the end goal is to get the highest level of quality products in the hands of the dealers and riders with a five-star level of customer service.

Tracker wheel and rotor

"We hold the exclusive distribution for two of Lyndall's wheel/rotor designs:  B52 and TT Tracker. American-made in California, passionate motorcycle people and a family run company - three elements that HardDrive/WPS can relate to!
"Lyndall is so in tune with the capabilities of its products that they are able to engineer excellent quality, durability and strength into its manufacturing processes. Just holding a Lyndall brake rotor immediately allows you to appreciate the craftsmanship and precision. Its wheels are immaculate too - the finish is just awesome.
"Their quality allows Lyndall to offer a lifetime warranty on its three-piece floating rotors when used in conjunction with its pads."

B52 wheel and rotor

Lyndall president Paul Kittrell Jr told AMD that "all our wheels are rotary forged from 6061-T6 aluminum. This is a super lightweight metal that is stronger than most steels, and our wheels are certainly lighter and stronger than the stock wheels. All our wheel designs, including the B52 and TT Tracker, are available with matching sprockets, rotors and pulleys - we laser-cut our sprockets and pulleys from 7075-T6 aluminum.
"Our rotors are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, utilizing the finest materials and CNC processes to ensure the highest quality, form, function, fit and finish. These are 100% American-made, fully floating, 2-piece rotors that are designed with an aggressive look and the ability to outperform any other rotor on the market. Our rotors are designed to operate at a cooler temperature while maintaining predictability and repeatability - even in the most challenging riding environments."
WPS/HardDrive completed a new 245,000 sq ft warehouse at Midway, Georgia, in January last year as an upgrade to its former Memphis, Tennessee facility. The company also completed expansions at its California facility and Idaho headquarters warehouse - taking its six strong distribution center network in the United States (which also includes Texas and Pennsylvania) to over 1 million sq ft in total.