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Tuesday 17 August 2021

The Springfield Mile

Mees to Take Over Promotion of the Springfield Mile

The Springfield Mile has announced new event promoters for 2022. After four decades of successful event promotion, Kiesow Racing and IMDA are passing the torch to Jared and Nichole Mees of Mees Promotions.

Kiesow Racing and IMDA have promoted this legendary race since 1981, taking great pride in many accomplishments through the years. Such accomplishments include 78 national Mile events, 16 national TTs and 16 national Short Tracks at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.
"We proudly supported the sport for 40 years and have amazing memories and even more amazing friends because of it," said Tommra Kiesow of Kiesow Racing, adding that they and the IMDA would like to "thank the team that has been so dedicated and helpful in making these events a success."
The future of this iconic event has been entrusted to Mees Promotions. Bringing years of experience as racers and promoters to this event, Jared and Nichole Mees are uniquely set to continue the legacy of flat track's crown jewel. Adding to their experience promoting the wildly successful Lima Half-Mile, both Jared and Nichole have raced at the Springfield Mile, were engaged and subsequently married there.
"We wish them many years of success at Springfield and we look forward to being there watching in the stands," said Kiesow. "The IMDA members and us at Kiesow Racing hope to see all the familiar faces at this year's race as we end a 40-year run at Springfield. Thank you all!"