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Friday 20 August 2021

Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

Arlen Ness - Touring Fenders for 180 x 18" Tires
"It is no secret that wide and large diameter Touring wheels is where it's at," says Netherlands based distributor Motorcycle Storehouse.
"These Arlen Ness fenders are of an extra wide design with notched (cut out) sides to fit extra wide 180 mm tires on a 5.50 x 18 rim. They are a reversible, modification-free, bolt-on installation with stock smooth slider covers (fork boots)."

Made from a single piece of 14-gauge steel and available for early '93-'13 and late '14-'20 Touring models, designs run from the smallest 'Pro Short' to the largest 'Radial Fat Wrap' - designed to follow the tire's contour perfectly.
Matching Ness fork slider covers, with cut-outs for these wide wheel applications, are separately available.

Cult-Werk - Softail Wide Fender Kit 'Racing'
"Made by Cult-Werk in Austria, when the opportunity arises to install an up to 280 series rear tire on a customer's Softail, this is one to check out.
"The kit comes with a steel inner fender carrier, a sturdy 5-axis CNC-machined ABS outer fender and a genuine leather seat. After the stock fender is removed, the 'Racing' steel fender is simply installed on the stock mounting points. 

"Then wiring is installed, and the ABS outer fender is bolted to the inner fender. This is a reversible install as permanent modifications are not required. It has a gloss black powder-coated finish and comes complete with LED taillight, LED turn signals, seat and hardware."

Rekluse - Automatic Clutches
"Amongst the more remarkable aftermarket products for H-D models are the new clutch kits by Rekluse. Its Torq-Drive system allows more drive plates (up to six additional discs) to be installed in the stock clutch basket.
"This gives additional clutch hold without other modifications, such as stronger clutch springs or mechanical lock-up solutions. 

"Another exceptional design, its 'automatic' centrifugal operated clutches are a modification-free, bolt-in solution. The centrifugal works just like conventional hand-operated clutches, to just below an (adjustable) 850 rpm to 1,150 rpm range, when the clutch disengages automatically.
"It uses 'wedges' that slide in (to disengage) and slide out (above 1,000 rpm) to re-engage the clutch - above 1,000 rpm, the rider uses the clutch lever to disengage as normal.
"Originally these clutches were made for motocross use - to prevent accidental stalls in heavy terrain. But on the street, such as in heavy traffic, starts and stops can be done in gear, without ever using your clutch lever. They are available for various late H-D models and are high horsepower and torque compatible."