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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Corbin Saddles

Corbin 'Height Option' Front and Rear Saddles for Pan America

Never slow off the blocks when it comes to product applications for new models, Mike Corbin has joined the 'Pantheon of The Rapid' where Harley's new Pan America ADV dual-sport is concerned.
"Harley created a genuinely excellent Adventure bike with the Pan America," says Mike, "and we here at Corbin Saddles have been a big part of that world for decades. Despite the remarkable tech and great bike design, the tush cushion from the factory turned out to be somewhat less than exemplary.
"Not that we're complaining - their bad is our opportunity, and an opportunity for Harley's dealers too.

"To be fair, compared to conventional Touring models and Cruisers, getting the ergonomics right on this one is a challenge. Adventure bikes are tall by nature, and that creates a reach issue for a lot of riders. But in this case, the peg distance is a bit cramped too, while the reach to the bars is long - so having the correct body placement is critical. This predicament is complicated further by the admirable adaptive ride height feature.
"To meet the needs of various riders, we created a low (seen here), standard and high model to make the best possible seating options available, rather than using the adjustable bracket.
"This has allowed us to optimize seating for each position and ensures we keep a properly neutralized platform. The Corbin front seats remain simple to install and integrate with your factory key lock. Each one of our solo models will work with the factory rear seat or the companion passenger saddle. Our rear seat will also work with the factory front seat if that doesn't need to be changed."
Corbin has also built electric seat heaters into the saddle designs for those who want the added touch of luxury while out there "getting rugged." The clever design of Corbin seat heaters sees conveniently located switches placed on the left side of the saddles for ergonomic operation. The temperature is controlled and maintained automatically, and a tasteful stitch pattern in the leather seating areas "adds a touch of class and conceals the heating pads."