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Monday 28 February 2022

S&S Cycle

Oil Change Kits

S&S Cycle knows a thing or two about oil and performance, so it is logical that it puts the two together to offer S&S branded and specified oil for V-twins. Now it has put it together with one of its chrome oil filters to offer dealers complete S&S oil change kits.
Specified for "ultimate protection," S&S says its engine oil delivers "superior lubrication for reduced engine wear and lower oil temperatures."

An SAE 20W-50 synthetic that meets Harley-Davidson and other manufacturer warranty requirements, the additive package that S&S has specified is said to deliver consistent viscosity and resist thermal breakdown and oxidation at elevated temperatures.
The added moly content reduces heat, friction and wear, with enhanced zinc and phosphorous levels contributing to the increased engine wear resistance.
S&S engine oil is available in model-specific formulations - for M-8 applications, Twin Cams, Evo/XL models and earlier models, and the company also offers fully synthetic gear oil, chain/gear oil and primary oil.