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Wednesday 2 February 2022

Custom Chrome Europe

CCE Adds Progressive Suspension Softail, FTR Options

Custom Chrome Europe has been representing Progressive Suspension in Europe for over 20 years and continues to keep its inventory up-to-date withy the latest applications from the Californian manufacturer.
For the FTR 1200/S, the 465 Series SGL monoshock is said to offer improved damping and spring rates, resulting in increased suspension compliance. This allows the rear suspension to absorb road irregularities more effectively (such as bridge abutments and longitudinal pavement cracks) without the harshness associated with the OE suspension. 



Chassis stability is also said to be improved - "for a more confidence inspiring ride." The five-position rebound damping adjuster allows the rider to fine-tune the shock for comfort and control.
Features include a hard anodized aluminum body, anodized aluminum shock-mounting eyes with spherical bearings (OE is rubber bushing/needle bearing), high pressure nitrogen, monotube design with threaded or R.A.P. (Remote Adjustable Preload) pre-load adjusters.
The 465 Series SGL monoshock is recommended for '19-'20 FTR 1200/S black/black standard, coil spring progressive 46 rebound, spring preload.



For 2018-19 Softails, the Progressive Suspension 429 Series monoshock is "designed to improve handling and stability while cruising around town or on the wide open road."
Utilizing a high-pressure nitrogen charged damper, it features a steel monotube construction with an Internal Floating Piston (IFP). This shock is easy to install, and the preload is simply adjusted via threaded preload adjusters.
The 429 Series shock comes in standard or heavy-duty progressive rate springs and is available in 12.2", 12.6", 13.1" and 13.5" lengths. It features 40 mm monotube construction with high performance MCU joust bumper, deflective disc valving and hard chrome precision ground damper rod.
It is available for Softails in black body, black spring, in standard or heavy duty with choice of 12", 12.5", 13" or 13.5" eye-to-eye length.