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Wednesday 2 February 2022

Feuling Parts

Feuling Twin Cam Rocker Shafts

These new rocker shafts from Oceanside, California based Feuling Parts are available for Twin Cam engines and designed "with strength in mind," says CEO Luke Leatherman.

"We decided to source the best possible material and heat-treat process available to create the best rocker shaft on the market. With over double the strength of the factory rocker shafts, and of any of our competitors' shafts, we precision-grind them from 4140HT steel - gas nitrated and final surface treated for greatest possible quality finish and durability."
Feuling recommends these shafts for all Twin Cam engines and especially for engines running higher lift camshafts and heavier valve spring pressures.
The kit includes Feuling's ARP bolts, and M-8 rocker shafts are also available.