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Wednesday 9 February 2022


Solo Saddle for Sportster S

Always among the first to market with new model applications and designs, the Corbin R&D team had its work cut out to come up with a seating option that blends flawlessly with the contemporary styling of Harley's new Revolution Max powered Sportster S, but they were up to the challenge. 

"The result is a flawless fit that integrates perfectly with the tail section with a clean, low profile sculpted seat shape for long range support that cradles the rider's body to eliminate hot spots.
"Our optimized seating posture helps reduce the tendency to slide forward in the saddle while on the brakes. This will greatly enhance the rider's riding range by reducing the strain on their wrists and knees. Corbin saddles are designed to help hold you in the sweet spot on the bike, but still allow for a range of movement for more spirited riding styles. Ergonomic dish shaping provides more square inches of body contact and better weight dispersion.

"We've greatly enhanced comfort by building the saddle up with our high-density Comfort Cell foam but kept the track styling and fit to the tail section. Not only is the shaping already designed to fit the contour of the human body, but our exclusive foam material will adapt to take on the rider's shape upon break-in. Our exclusive high-density material allows us to build a seating platform that provides good support even with a low profile appearance.
"Our patented manufacturing process allows us to create a shape that fits perfectly to the bike and contours every curve of the tank and tail section. Our Fibertech basepan provides a rigid foundation that supports the foam shape to assure the carefully crafted ergonomics remain intact." Underneath, the baseplate rides on rubber bumpers to protect the paint and the saddle mounts like the stock unit and integrates with the factory key lock.