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Tuesday 23 January 2024

Windy City Motorcycle Company

Three Chicago Area Harley Dealers to Close

Powersports Business reports that Chicago based Windy City Motorcycle Company is to consolidate three of the Harley-Davidson dealerships it owns in the greater Chicago area.

It is believed that Windy City and Harley-Davidson have been having "interesting" (difficult?) conversations about sales numbers, inventory allocations and geographic proximity of formerly directly competitive stores with largely discrete ownerships.

After what PSB describes as an "extensive study in conjunction with Harley-Davidson Motor Company on the number and locations of Harley-Davidson dealerships within the region [that are] needed to provide further enhanced customer convenience, services and exceptional experiences, a plan has been developed to consolidate operations of three dealerships into nearby existing locations."

Barbed Wire Harley-Davidson in DeKalb, City Limits Harley-Davidson in Palatine, and Chicago Harley-Davidson of Wrigleyville will be consolidated into nearby Windy City dealerships.

As part of this plan, and with immediate effect in December 2023, Barbed Wire H-D in DeKalb, Illinois will be consolidated into nearby Fox River Harley-Davidson in St. Charles, with City Limits H-D in Palatine to be consolidated into nearby Lake Shore Harley-Davidson in Libertyville.

At some as yet unspecified date in 2024, Chicago Harley-Davidson of Wrigleyville will be consolidated into the Chicago Harley-Davidson location at Rosemont, Illinois.

“Our company was founded by avid motorcycle enthusiasts looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” says Matt Sheahan, President of Windy City Motorcycle Company. 

“These moves will allow us to continue to provide the highest levels of customer services, convenience and experiences with dealerships located at the ideal locations in the market while maintaining extended hours of operations with 7-day-a-week availability within the Chicago metro area, and allowing us to expand services to make Harley-Davidson dealerships in the area even more dynamic for more riders.”

Windy City Motorcycle Company says it will work to ensure its loyal customers of these dealerships are well served throughout the Chicagoland area. Fox River Harley-Davidson will be hosting a Barbed Wire Harley-Davidson Customer Welcome event in January 2024. On the same day in January 2024, Lake Shore Harley-Davidson will be doing the same for City Limits Harley-Davidson customers.

In other news, Windy City is expanding its powersports network of outlets with the launch of two new Chicago Polaris branded locations - at Villa Park and at Saint Charles Illinois.