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Wednesday 3 January 2024

Burly Brand

Short, Tall and "Stupid Tall"

Burly Brand's Josh Rowlands says you can "take your ride to new heights" with the new line of Sissy Bars - "the ultimate power-packed accessory for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking unparalleled style. 


"They are available in three dynamic variations - the agile Short version, the commanding Tall version, and the absurdly Stupid Tall version. The Tall and Stupid Tall come with a compact pad designed to effortlessly carry a passenger.


"Our iconic one-piece sissy bar effortlessly affixes to the exterior of the fender rails, ensuring a hassle-free installation and removal process. Crafted with precision, our Sissy Bars are meticulously engineered to harmonize flawlessly with the design of the machine, creating an unparalleled aesthetic synergy. Don't worry about compatibility either - we've got that handled too. Our Sissy Bars are available for Sportster and Dyna models."

Stupid Tall