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Tuesday 16 January 2024

Le Pera

Le Pera 'Maverick Daddy Long Legs'

Internationally recognized 'boutique' motorcycle seats designer Le Pera's 'Maverick Daddy Long Legs' for 2018 and up Low Riders and Sport Glides is "effectively two seats in one - combining touring comfort and finely tailored styling"

"With comfort that retains a reasonably low and sporty profile, the perfectly contoured shape of the 'Maverick' will cradle the rider without restricting movement."

In terms of riding geometry, the advanced ergonomics of the design move the rider back by 2" from the standard 'Maverick', delivering 6.75" of back support with a 14.5" wide rider seating area and 12" wide passenger area.

Features include a durable, black BikerTec cover, molded Marathon foam, and a 16-gauge powder-coated steel baseplate with carpeted seat bottom.

Le Pera celebrated its 50th anniversary as the market's design leader last year and the founder's family-owned manufacturer still handcrafts all its seats at its North Hollywood, California headquarters. 

All its seats feature an optimized rider seating area, the powder-coated steel, carpeted base plate and specially poured high density Marathon molded foam foundation with double-stitched, handcrafted BikerTec custom cover detailed here, using bonded polyester thread for durability.