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Wednesday 3 January 2024

Baker Drivetrain

Factory 6-Speed Tapered Roller Bearing Kit

High-performance engine builders and Baker Drivetrain engineers "have known for years that the tapered roller 'Timkens' on the left side of the engine are indestructible. This fact inspired us to develop the double-tapered roller bearing system for stock cruise drive 6-speeds.

"This kit fits 2006-later stock Dyna transmissions and 2007-later stock Softail/Touring transmissions. The kit includes a Baker double-tapered roller bearing assembly, replacement H-D main drive gear and replacement countershaft bearing - everything needed to eliminate the all-too-common stock main drive gear bearing failures. We include our exclusive Baker double-tapered roller bearing assembly and a replacement cruise drive main drive gear."

There is also a transmission rebuild kit available to go along with this double-tapered roller bearing kit.