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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Zodiac International

Black Headed Stainless Steel Screw Kits

Netherlands based Zodiac International is offering dealers access to a selection of over 100 different black headed stainless steel screw sets and kits for Harley applications.

Manufactured in Germany by 'Screws4Bikes,' these "stainless steel screws with matte black powder- coated heads are a stylish and classy finishing touch for any bike. They come in convenient kits, and when you simply remove and replace one screw at the time, you don't need new gaskets."

The huge range of kits offered include belt pulley/final drive kits, front forks, Wide Glide and triple tree kits, drivetrain screw kits, Twin Cam and M-8 cam cover screw sets, headlight screws, tappet block kits, Sportster cam cover kits and brake rotor screws and nuts, including for Softail and FXR models.