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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Madstad Engineering

Madstad - Adjustable Windshield for Managed Airflow on Road King Models

A new name for us here at AMD, Brooksville, Florida based Madstad Engineering has been manufacturing adjustable, ergonomic windshields for a range of motorcycle brands and models since 2006.

Complete windshield systems are offered for adventure bikes, sport touring, enduro, naked standards, baggers, modern classics, and even sport bikes, plus it has added other motorcycle accessories to its product line as well, including kickstand shoes, tail racks, skid plates and more.

"It all started with the goal of wanting to be comfortable when riding, not getting your head battered constantly by buffeting. Amazingly enough, not many motorcycles are built for airflow comfort, even those made for longer distance riding. We discovered that in many cases, aftermarket designs are just a bigger version of the stock windshield, taking the same turbulence problem and just making it bigger. Then you are hiding behind it, looking through dirty, scratched, and often distorted plastic, but the turbulence is still there.

"Our solution was to create (and patent) an adjustable mounting system to separate the windshield from the bike, allowing air to flow under it, thereby relieving the vacuum that is created behind it, which would normally dump turbulence onto your head. To overcome this, our systems offer control of the shield angle so you can dial in the smoothest possible airflow, while still looking over the top, not through it."

One of Madstad's latest additions is this adjustable windshield system for the Harley-Davidson Road King - designed for "great wind protection with excellent styling and functionality."

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the system pairs 11-gauge stainless steel, quick-release brackets with a 3/16” windshield, reducing flex and vibration and eliminating the need for the extra bracing that’s often required with OEM and other shields. "This results in a cleaner, unobstructed view of the road ahead."

To match the rider’s build, the windshield is offered in 14”, 16” and 18” sizes. It comes in crystal clear or two levels of tint - medium and dark.

"Like all Madstad systems, the windshield can be adjusted 2.5” up and down and tilted back and forth a total range of 15 degrees. This means that you can ride longer with less fatigue after dialing in a much cleaner and smoother airflow."

The kit includes everything needed for a reversible, modification-free bolt-on install - a set of Madstad adjustable fork mounts, quick-release brackets, 3/16” windshield in several size and color options, and all the required mounting hardware.

This latest windshield design fits 1994 and up Road Kings, but Madstad also offers systems for a wide range of models, including the H-D Pan America and select Triumph, Honda and BMW applications.

"At Madstad, we don't just make windshields, we empower riders to change aerodynamics, smooth out turbulence and guide airflow to create the most comfortable wind protection for their ride. In addition to the patented windshield systems that adjust for both height and angle, our fixed flyscreens and other accessories enhance ride quality both on and off road."