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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Baker Drivetrain

'Klassic' Kicker Gear Kit

The Baker 'Klassic' kicker gears "roll smooth as glass," says Bert Baker. "Get the peace of mind of not being stranded ever again. This will fit 1936-1986 H-D Big Twin kicker-equipped models and will work with a 14-tooth H-D starter gear.

"We started making 6-into-4 transmissions with kickers over ten years ago. At the time, we could only purchase some lower grade Taiwanese kicker gears in volume, because nobody made them in the USA anymore. Not acceptable. So, we tooled up our own right here in Michigan.

"They come standard on all Baker 4-speeds, 6-into-4s and kicker kits. To see the difference, take a pair of imported gears and roll the teeth together - they roll like a mismatched pair of gears and are dangerous to have inside the transmission. Our 'Klassic' kicker gears roll the way they should - they look, feel and are quality. They’re not cheap, but they are the last set you will have to buy."