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Tuesday 10 October 2023


High Brow Authenticity From Lowbrow

Brunswick, Ohio based Lowbrow Customs continues apace with new product introductions - including these Gasbox 'Dog Dish' style air cleaners and a Sportster style 'Frisco' mount gas tank for EFI Harleys.

Available for Super E as well as CV carbs and EFI bikes (1991-2019), these Gasbox brand air cleaners are made locally to Lowbrow, in Cleveland, Ohio. They feature a 5-3/8" diameter handspun polished aluminum cover with a high-quality element for high flow and superior protection from dust and dirt - they include a high-quality filter element, and replacement stock paper style air filter elements are available.

They have a black powder-coated backing plate and they fit Sportsters 1991-2019, Dyna 2004-2017, and Big Twins 1993-2006 with CV carburetors.

Of this standard width, 2.5 gallon 'Frisco' style mount gas tank, Lowbrow's Tyler Malinky told AMD: "I don't believe anyone else makes these besides us, so it's kind of cool. A neat chopper part for those who are building custom bikes out of later model bikes such as 2007 and later Sportsters."

This Sportster Frisco mount gas tank will sit up higher on the backbone than the standard tank. This is the standard width version, which has similar dimensions to a stock Harley-Davidson Sportster gas tank. These 2.5-gallon gas tanks are top quality, heavy gauge steel with an offset gas filler bung that accepts a thread-in Harley-Davidson style gas cap. 

This tank is a direct bolt on for 2007-2022 Sportster models and accepts the OEM fuel pump as well as the stock mounting hardware. It features TIG-welded construction, and tanks for fuel-injected models accept the OEM fuel pump, components and fuel door (but will not fit Sportster S models with the Revolution Max motor). 

"One final thought," said Tyler, "from bitter experience it is highly recommended that dealers and riders fit their gas tank to the bike before painting - to check for clearance or mounting issues as different combinations of triple trees, risers and handlebars may cause clearance issues when turning. These tanks are pressure-tested, but it is best practise that you or your painter pressure-test them again before painting - it's cheap insurance."