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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Drag Specialties & Parts Unlimited 2023 North American NVP Part 2

Business As Usual - Part 2

Drag Specialties & Parts Unlimited 2023 North American NVP

Madison, Wisconsin, August 17-20, 203

Words and Pictures by Robin Bradley

Kodlin USA: New products from the German Master Craftsman include M-8 Engine Guards, curved Elypse 3-1 LED license plate kits and a major new line of Performance Bagger exhausts manufactured exclusively for Kodlin by Zard in Italy. Seen here are Holger Mohr (right) and James Serasio; 

Progressive Suspension: Founded in 1982 by Don Rickard and Jay Tullis, Progressive Suspension celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and always was, and still is, respected for R&D investments. Innovative features such as the IAS (Inertia Active System), a forerunner of the FST system that enabled shocks to automatically differentiate between low-speed chassis movements and high-speed wheel movement, have made Progressive a V-twin industry 'go-to' brand; 

Klock Werks: Mitchell, South Dakota based Brian Klock's 'Flare' windshield business (just one of the product likes sold by Klock Werks) continues to go from strength to strength - recent demand for his 'Kolor Flare' shields, especially for the Softail Lowrider ST, and especially from Europe, has been "off the scale" since being seen on some of this summer's custom bikes at shows in Europe, especially at Harley's 120th in Budapest Hungary. "It's been insane. We knew nothing about this and all of a sudden, we're getting calls and emails from all over the world as pictures of bikes with our screens went global";  

Maxima Racing Oils: The Santee, California based manufacturer is best known in the V-twin market for its Big Twin 'Oil Change in a Box' programs, including M-8 specific formulations, and its choice of black or chrome spin-on ProFilters. Earlier this year Maxima updated its model-specific guidance with a recommendation for the Harley Pan America's 1250 cc Revolution Max liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin. That engine and the rigors of ADV models means a very different engine oil requirement - the Maxima 20W-50 Pro Plus+ Full Synthetic is the company's recommendation - an ester-fortified 4-stroke engine oil that is "designed to ensure optimum protection, peak performance and positive clutch feel. The surface-active, oxidatively stable formulation provides excellent film thickness while maintaining viscosity across all operating temperatures." Pro Plus+ Full Synthetic engine oil exceeds the requirements of API SN PLUS/JASO MA2;

Performance Machine: Recent product additions from the Cerritos, California based brakes and wheels specialist include a Radial Brake Master Cylinder in Black Ops and Gold Ops finishes. CNC machined from billet aluminum, the race bred design features built-in reservoirs which deliver "stunning performance and style for any bike," said Performance Machine Brand Specialist Ryan Evans. With fully adjustable lever, machined fluid reservoirs and clearance for stock switch housings, "this versatile system will drastically improve both the look and feel of your controls. With 1" clamping diameter, choose between mirror mount or clean mount options." A Radial Clutch Master Cylinder (1" clamping) also available, with fully adjustable CNC machined billet aluminium fluid reservoirs and clearance for stock switch housings;


Rick's Motorsport Electrics: Still a family owned and operated business, New Hampshire based Rick's has grown from humble origins as a used and reconditioned parts specialist to one of the most important motorcycle charging system component manufacturers in the world; 

SBS: Following the launch of the company's improved performance brake pad series late last year - 'Better Brakes' - SBS has announced that it has started the anticipated second transition phase that will include rear brake pad compounds LS, H.LS, RQ, ATS and CT, plus the H.CT front wheel compound.  "Our customers and riders in general expect top brake performance, and that is exactly what they with SBS 'Better Brakes'. In addition to improved stopping power and durability, the program also delivers a product that is produced in a non-fossil production setup and without heavy metals such as copper and nickel," says Marketing and Product Manager at SBS, Thomas Midtgaard Jørgensen. "In addition to the improved braking power and brake feel from first stop, a higher heat resistance increases reliability and durability. All brake pad products will be equipped with integrated NRS Technology which locks the compound material to the backing plate. All compounds for public roads will be ECE R90 approved." Seen here left to right: General Manager Christel Munk Pedersen, Marketing Manager Thomas Midtgaard-Jørgensen, Category Manager Emil Senf Jakobsen, Jessica Shine and Gunnar Heinemeyer of Brands That Shine; 

Le Pera Enterprises: The latest TailWhip seat design from the North Hollywood, California based boutique seat manufacturer is the 'Upfront' for 2008-2023 Baggers (except the 2023 CVO), so-called because it easier for the driver to reach the bars by moving the seating position forward by 2". It has 6.75" of back support, an 11.75" wide driver seating area and an 8" wide passenger area. With more than 50 years of experience and widely recognized as the market's design leader, Le Pera is still family owned and still handcrafting all its seats - all featuring a highly detailed powder-coated steel, carpeted base plate, a specially poured high density 'Marathon' molded foam foundation and double stitched, handcrafted 'BikerTec' custom cover with bonded polyester thread for durability; 

S&S Cycle: The home of "Proven Performance" has again been offering its popular Power Packages for 2017-2023 M-8 engines - "the ideal combination of performance and savings."  For the latest generation H-Ds, S&S has been combining its recently launched 129" and 132" bolt-in big bore kits with a lumpy 550 cam, cam plate and high flow oil pump, with valve springs, lifters and pushrods. Kits come with either gear or chain drive cam and are designed to make big, reliable power. They do not require case mods or engine removal and all the parts are designed, tested and manufactured by S&S at its iconic Viola, Wisconsin facility.  The kits transform the 107-inch engine into a 129 incher, with 114/117 inch engines taken out to 132 cubic inch monsters. Picture here left to right: President Paul Skarie, Vice President Sales and Business Development Eric Bondy, Director of Marketing Jon Montgomery; 

TecMate International: The upcoming move to USB-C is going to materially affect the personal electronics landscape, and influence design direction in the battery charging segment. TecMate Chief Technology Officer Martin Human says that TecMate is ahead of the game with its Optimate USB-C and USB-A Combo charger. "USB-C is slated to become the universal USB standard for Europe, and with many smartphones going towards USB-C, including Apple, TecMate has responded by releasing the OptiMate USB O-114 and the OptiMate USB O-119. It is identical in design to the O-105 and O-115, and therefore equally as ergonomic, except that one charge port is a USB-C." The USB-C socket delivers up to 3300mA of charge to a single connected USB-C device. "All OptiMate USB chargers have a unique feature that protects the vehicle's battery that it is drawing power from - when the vehicle's engine is turned off, the OptiMate USB charger senses that and will turn off within one hour";, 

Magnum Shielding: The upstate New York based cable and hose specialist Magnum Shielding's handlebar installation kits have everything customers need for cable and brake line replacement on H-D models going back to 1996 and Indians back to 2015. "What really sets our kits apart is our vast selection of sizes, colors and kit configurations," according to Reese (seen here on the right, pictured with Chris Hughson). Magnum kits fit a wide range of bar heights, from 10" to 20", and are available in six different color finishes, including Sterling Chromite, Black Pearl and KARBONFIBR in the braided Signature Series, and braided stainless steel, black vinyl with black chrome-plated or highly polished chrome fittings in the economical XR series. Each kit includes everything for a handlebar replacement - FMVSS-106 compliant DOT brake  lines, a clutch cable or hydraulic clutch line, copper crush washers and  hardware, any necessary adapters, throttle/idle cables or plug and play throttle-by-wire and wiring extensions. 

DP Brakes: Larry Mills (left) told AMD: "Friction plates are the heart of the clutch. Our new DPHK Street Clutch Kits for H-D are made using a wide range of compounds to ensure the correct one matches the engine characteristics. Our friction plates do not need any pre-soaking in oil and are ready to fit. Our steel plates are manufactured to exacting tolerances using high-quality heat-treated steel to ensure smooth progressive clutch action - they are more durable than original equipment plates, and our exclusive high heat friction materials mean fade free performance with friction compounds to suit all types of H-D motorcycles;