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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Denali Electronics

Denali CANsmart Product Suite for Pan America

Exeter, Rhode Island based Denali Electronics is best known for its advanced LED lighting products for a wide range of motorcycle brands and models. 

A noted OEM manufacturer with the backing of VisionX Lighting and parent company Brown & Watson International (BWI), Denali offers dealers access to a suite of product applications for Harley's Pan America - a CANsmart controller, T3 handguard lighting kit, rear T3 brake and turn lighting kit, and B6 brake light kit and mounts.

Denali says that its "ground-breaking Harley-Davidson CAN bus controller provides plug and play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and genuine Harley-Davidson accessories right from the bikes original switches using our Accessory Manager Software, featuring 4 accessory circuits and over 35 custom settings.

CANsmart controller for Pan America

"Simply connect the CANsmart Controller to your Harley-Davidson diagnostic port to access over 35 programmable accessory settings designed to control factory passing lamps, auxiliary lights, turn signals, horns, brake lights, or any accessory you can imagine - from OEM accessories, third party accessories or use the included wiring harnesses for plug and play connection to Denali driving lights, DRLs, SoundBomb Horns and B6 Brake Lights."  

DialDim lighting controller

Also offered, the Denali DialDim lighting controller for Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 is a pre-configured product bundle that includes the company's standard DialDim lighting controller and a Harley-Davidson Pan America plug-and-play wiring harness. 

The vehicle-specific harness simply plugs in-line at the Pan America headlight, horn, and turn signal connectors to enable dozens of useful lighting features and settings. 

Described as giving riders "a new standard in LED light dimming and control, featuring a multicolor halo dimming switch that allows riders to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of three-wire auxiliary lights from a single consolidated wiring harness, the LED halo switch displays your exact settings and allows for effortless dimming on the fly. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two; simply double click to switch between the two circuits.

"The patent-pending controller also features high beam, turn signal, and horn inputs to unlock intelligent flash features that can cancel your aux lights with your turn signal, flash your aux lights as a turn signal, or strobe your lights when you sound your horn.

"The switch halo doubles as a battery monitor with a low-voltage cutoff feature. Our industry-first design will flash different colors on startup to display your battery health and automatically shut off your auxiliary lights if the battery voltage drops below 10.8 volts."

The controller housing and switch both feature a fully waterproof design with gaskets and o-rings at every joint to ensure hassle-free operation in outdoor environments.

Also included in this pre-configured product bundle for the Pan America is a set of front T3 switchback turn signal pods and a set of plug-and-play turn signal wiring adapters. Simply mount the T3 pods to the handguards and plug them in line at the factory front turn signal connector. The T3s will run white as a DRL and switch to amber in sync with your factory turn signals. 

T3 switchback turn signal pods

T3 handguard lighting kit

Finally, there is a single or dual B6 brake light, a plug-and-play B6 brake light wiring adapter for the Pan America, and a license plate mounting bracket kit that positions the B6 brake lights in the ideal location on the back of the bike. 

B6 brake light and plug-and- wiring adapter

Founded in 2010 by Erik Stephens and Nate Bastien, Denali says it is "the only brand that can provide a complete lighting and visibility package that includes the lights, light mounts, horn, horn mount, auxiliary brake light, and a single intelligent plug-n-play controller to provide effortless installation and integrated control of all your accessories."

Distributed in the United State by Twisted Throttle, Denali is supported by Brands That Shine (