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Tuesday 7 March 2023


USB-C is Upon Us - OptiMate is Ready

USB-C has now been mandated in Europe to be the single communication and charging connector for all phones and other communication-ready devices. 

TecMate has taken note of this and designed a new range of OptiMate USB chargers with USB-C ports to enable charging of all USB-C ready devices.

"All OptiMate USB chargers have a unique feature that protects the vehicle's battery that it is drawing power from - the OptiMate USB charger senses when the vehicle's engine is turned off and will turn itself off within one hour.

"So, if a rider has stopped somewhere scenic to admire the view, and they need to also charge their phone or camera or Bluetooth-ready helmet, the OptiMate USB charger remains on for an hour before it goes to standby mode. That prevents even the smallest lithium battery from totally discharging, leaving sufficient power to start up the vehicle and ride on."

The OptiMate USB O-118 is the first USB-C ready charger, delivering 3.3 amps of fast charge through a single port. The case is fully sealed and ready to be permanently installed on the motorcycle. 

The USB-C port is fully protected against ingress of dirt and water, a sealing plug ensures nothing enters when the vehicle is parked, and a USB-C charger cord plugged in the innovative rubber sheath seals against the inserted USB-C connector. 

"The USB-C port is equipped with zip-tie loops for easy mounting where you need to charge your device; attach it to a clutch/brake cable, handlebar or any available strut. A fused battery lead with M6 (1/4") rings completes connection directly to the battery."

During 2023, more OptiMate USB chargers with dual port USB-A and USB-C will be released. In the meantime, the current range of USB-A ready chargers are also available to keep riders charged and communicating.